The World is Your Classroom The World is Your Classroom
The World is Your Classroom
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Get control and visibility over access and attendance

You have a duty to protect your students, staff and teachers. And that starts with controlling who has access to your school, your buildings and your rooms. When you need more than ID cards and guest passes, you need PalmSecure. This biometric solution helps you keep certain areas—like staff rooms—free of students and means parents rest easy, knowing that strangers can't get onto the school premises.

PalmSecure also gives you visibility over attendance. From taking the register every day, to making sure the right students are in the right exam, you can simplify processes while upgrading security. Because when you're in charge of hundreds—if not thousands—of students and staff, you need to know who's on site and when. The easy way to do this? With PalmSecure ID Access and ID Match.