Integrated and safe solution for computer-based learning in schools

The holistic integration platform for pedagogical tools and media makes the use of learning material as well as the introduction of cooperative learning methods and modern media didactics by teachers possible. This is why Fujitsu developed Securon for Schools - an advanced solution for computer based learning that is efficient, exciting and user-friendly. Securon for Schools is easy to integrate into lessons and supports cooperative learning and teaching in the form of a modern medium.

Securon for Schools 2.0 can be used by devices like desktops, notebooks and tablets with different operating systems using a modern browser. Moreover, virus protection, school specific rights and role models, Identity & Access Management (IAM), synchronisation with LDAP, secure data storage, safe data exchange as well as optional youth protection, optional situative teaching structure are included in the solution.

Securon for Schools 2.0 can be integrated in the lessons very easily. The required school server will be provided and managed by Fujitsu, which relives teachers and gives them more time for classes. Implementation and management of a LAN and WLAN infrastructure are optional. Already existing devices as well as notebooks and tablets from teachers and students can be used with Securon for Schools 2.0, given that they meet all technical demands.

An easy-to-use, operating system independent web application allows site-independent and secure access to all school specific content and tools. It's usable wherever there is an internet connection which makes it possible for students to access educational content from outside the school as well.

An integrated situational structure of lessons enables teachers to support and manage their students during classes. They can easily access the students' devices while teaching.