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The World is Your Classroom
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Transforming your learning processes

Managed learning environments are finally appearing in education. They're helping to transform learning processes and giving teachers the tools they need to support their students. But not all solutions can deliver what they promise. So you need to find the right set-up for your school.

Our education solutions help you bring IT into the classroom. Whether you're introducing new processes, like active learning, or need access to all your students' work, our platforms can help. And because they're intuitive and easy to use, you and your students can keep up with change.


Integrated and safe solution for computer-based learning in schools

The holistic integration platform for pedagogical tools and media makes the use of learning material as well as the introduction of cooperative learning methods and modern media didactics by teachers possible. This is why Fujitsu developed Securon for Schools - an advanced solution for computer based learning that is efficient, exciting and user-friendly. Securon for Schools is easy to integrate into lessons and supports cooperative learning and teaching in the form of a modern medium.

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Learning Repository

K-12 education solutions

Schools are using ICT in an ever wider range of situations - not only in computer labs as in the past, but also in regular classrooms for all subjects. Fujitsu's Learning Repository is an ICT utilisation tool developed to solve the challenges teachers face in actual classrooms in order to enable smart classrooms and active learning.

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